Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Back to My Roots

Lately I've been thinking with longing of the hard copy Sweet Comfort I used to put together once a month. There was something satisfying in setting up and printing the pages, folding them together, then sticking each copy in a stamped envelope and sending it out into the world. I don't get near the same amount of satisfaction from the writing of this blog. 

While I acknowledge that this isn't all about me, at the same time I can't help wondering if there are folks out there like myself who prefer the old fashioned manner of reading which involved holding a book or magazine in your hands, turning the pages, perhaps even making notes in the margins for later rumination. And aside from this consideration are those I know must exist without depending on computers, whether from choice or financial circumstances. I would like to reach those who in this age of modern technology aren't hooked up to the Internet. Quite simply, I want to return to my old method of doing Sweet Comfort. That doesn't necessarily mean I'll discontinue this blog. What it means is that I'd like to publish it in paper form as well for those who can't be reached any other way.

The question comes down to whether or not I can put together a mailing list large enough to make this venture worth my while. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone reading this who is interested in receiving a paper copy of Sweet Comfort in the mail each month (for a nominal fee) leave a comment here, or send me an email---or if you happen to know of anyone--shut-ins, or otherwise--who may appreciate a copy. 

My fingers are already itching in anticipation!


  1. Have you ever considered seeing if a small Christian publication would be interested in carrying Sweet Comfort each month? Have you ever considered freelance writing? It would be SO much cheaper and you'd reach a much larger audience if you wrote it each month as a freelance article that appeared as a regular feature in a Christian publication. I used to be a freelance writer. It's easy money (which I know isn't why you'd want to do it), but freelancing relieves you of the burden of mailing lists, postage, dealing with incorrect addresses, etc., not to mention the costs of paper and printing. All of those expenses become the publisher's responsibility. You could also submit your poetry that way, if you're interested in publishing it individually instead of in book form. My degree is in marketing/marketing research and when I gave up my career to be a stay at home mom I did both freelance writing and freelance marketing research from home.

    It would be the same idea as mailing it yourself ~ what you've written about is still on paper so the reader can sit down with a copy of coffee and a pen and really get into what you've shared. Another positive aspect of freelancing is that when you go to get your book published, you'll already have started building some credentials. Publishers look at writers who have already been published. I assume you're familiar with the infamous "slush pile."

    If you really want to get involved in writing and publishing, finding a market for Sweet Comfort would be the perfect first step for you to transition into being a paid writer. Something big like Christianity Today wouldn't be interested, but there are all kinds of smaller magazines, devotionals, and booklets. Even if you don't have aspirations in journalism beyond publishing your book, finding a publisher to pick up all the costs and provide you with a large appreciative audience is still a nice benefit from writing Sweet Comfort freelance once a month. You'd probably even get a small paycheck. Freelancing is not a great way to make a living, but since my husband has a great job, it was all fun cash. I made checks as low as $75 and as high as $1,000. That was several years ago. I have no idea what they make now. I sold the very first article I every sent in to a magazine. I bought one of the chandeliers in our house with that paycheck.

    Freelance writing does not appeal to everyone so if this doesn't appeal to you then don't even think about it. I just thought I'd throw it out there. :)

  2. I am reminded as I read this of the fact that I don't like to borrow books - because if a book is good enough to get me to read it I also have to mark it all up in pencil or it will drive me crazy. So I have to own the book myself if it is that good, even though I seldom go back and read it again. Maybe its OCD, I don't know. Of course you can't do that when you are reading something online.


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