Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Words of Wisdom, Sweet to the Soul

  • A world of nice people, content in their own niceness, looking no further, turned away from God, would be just as desperately in need of salvation as a miserable world--and might even be more difficult to save. (CS Lewis)
  • This world never did seem my home; I have never felt quite comfortable in it. I have yet to find the perfect home. And does not the Bible itself tell us that we are pilgrims and strangers in the world? This is but a place we come to be made ready for another. Yet it seems that those who do regard it as their home are not half so well pleased with it as I. They are always grumbling at it. They complain that their plans are thwarted and where they succeed, that they do not give them the satisfaction they expected. Yet they mock him who says he seeks a better country! (George MacDonald)
  • I serve the face God places in front of me each day. (Mother Teresa)
  • How little people know who think that holiness is dull. When one meets the real thing . . . it is irresistible. (CS Lewis)
  • It is God to whom and with whom we travel, and while He is the End of our journey, He is also at every stopping place. (Elizabeth Elliot)

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