Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Know This Much is True

The reason for naming this blog Baby Steps to Christ is simple: a childlike faith is most pleasing to God. Though we are expected to grow up into Christ and become mature doers of His word, this is not something which happens overnight; it's a process by which we become more and more like the Beloved.

I've been thinking of all the controversy surrounding Ellen White's little book, Steps to Christ. Many ex-Adventists believe that it wasn't her own work, but that of her longtime assistant, Fannie Bolton. Such a little publication to cause such a mighty stir! Beyond this I thought too of the astounding bulk of her writings spanning so many decades: letters to individuals and churches; articles for The Review & Herald as well as other Adventist publications; and of course, the volumes of books she wrote to keep us as a people in line.

So much complication! I thought of the easy manner in which at the age of five I discovered a loving God and gave my heart to Him completely by accepting Jesus as my Saviour. Whatever steps brought me to that point were simplicity itself. No giant steps (as in the game Mother May I?), no leaps and bounds. Simply the daily unfolding of my spiritual perceptions until I found myself wooed into the arms of Love.

Why can't it be this simple today? For those of us who grew up as Adventists, it's never that simple. Baby steps to Christ, then--that's the goal I've set for myself. Baby steps all the way back to the beginnings of my first spiritual awakening, to that delicious sense of belonging to the Beloved and pleasing Him immensely by the very fact of my existence and my response to His heart.

An Invitation
If you're an ex-Adventist filled with confusion, whose heart aches for some kind of connection with God, or anyone (regardless of your religious background) who is seeking truth, won't you join me on my journey back to the fundamentals of faith?

On this blog I plan to explore such topics as:
  • What are the elementary beliefs of Christianity
  • Are we truly saved by grace alone, or do works play a role in our salvation
  • Does Ellen White pass the Biblical test of a true prophet
  • How does one make sense of all the religious confusion with which society inundates us
This is not a comprehensive list; I'm not putting any kind of rigid expectations on myself to follow a specific outline. I prefer to take things slow and easy, allowing the Holy Spirit to guide me in my continuing quest for truth.


  1. Hi, I'm a blogger seeking truth in a current-Adventist sort of way. If you'd like to fellowship through our blogs I'd be very happy. Hopefully you still check this blog every once in a while. my blog is


  2. Hi Deb, just stopping by to say you've been in my prayers. I would like to encourage you to post any insights or thoughts you've had while studying the Bible. I'd love to use these thoughts on Bible passages as a foundation for this whole "efellowship" idea. Hope to hear from you soon.

    God bless you and keep you.


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